Fantasy Cupcake Business…

At the end of May, Dustin and I were asked to bake cupcake for a high school graduation party. I think the reason why we were asked was when I brought homemade S’more Cupcakes for my birthday to work. You would think with Dustin being a culinary student, he would enjoy baking succulent cupcakes. That is definitely not the case.

I am the one that loves baking. I will let Dustin cook delicious meals and we can feast on sweets made by me afterwards. I feel that’s a win-win situation. For several years, I daydream of potentially open my open bakery. I love the shows Georgetown Cupcakes or the recent America’s Baking Challenge.

With being asked to bake 13 dozen cupcakes for this graduation, it only got done with the help with Dustin and let’s just say that he won’t be baking that many anytime soon. I had several obligations but with his consensuses, he made it.

Our two type of cupcakes:

  1. Vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberries; topped with cream cheese frosting, garnished with a strawberry slice.
  2. Banana cupcakes; topped with a peanut butter buttercreme.

I have to admit, they were very delicious. I’m trying not to be bias in any way. When I gave them their bill, they were happy to see that there were no charges for marriage counseling.





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