Top Moments…

Time flies by when you are having fun? Or is it when you are busy working? Well whatever it is, I have noticed that this blog has been quite neglected. When I first started this blog, it was for my family to keep connected with us while we leaved in western South Dakota. Now we have lived in eastern South Dakota for two years and the blog has continued to be shoved to the back burner. I’m surprise it hasn’t engulfed in flames as it has sat on the back burner for a long time.

Today I want to recap on the top moments that has affected my life this year.

1. My amazing culinary husband will be graduating in May. Who can say “Yahoo!” This lady for sure can. He has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it from classes to participating in cooking competitions. He melts my heart as he is pursuing something that he has enjoyed. This is a prime example of following your dreams!

IMG_0597Culinary competition for the South Dakota Pork Producers Taste of Elegance.

2. Living closer to family has been such a joy. It is very convenient to drive only an 1 hour to 2.5 hours to see family. This has allowed us the opportunity for more family gatherings. I have been able to travel home to quilt with my mom to see my sister-in-laws participate in their activities and events.

IMG_0553Mother-Daughter quilt completed.

IMG_0578Cherry Berry with two of my wondering sister-in-laws.

IMG_0624Photo with my precious, loving mother.

3. I have completed my first year as the Grant County 4-H Youth Program Advisor. This past year has been such a joy working with many youth expand their learning. You never know what you will learn from kids. Their imaginations are very intriguing and it has been fun helping them step out of their boundaries. Things that I have been able to do for the youth range from farm safety, project day, chaperone SD 4-H youth to Washington D.C., livestock judging and much more.

IMG_0896Fun times in Washington D.C. with a fellow 4-H Advisor and friend, Andy.

IMG_0747Kids learning about fire safety at SOFY camp.

1149305_10151754294435845_180899927_oThe amazing 4-H youth of Grant County!

4. This summer we lost Dustin’s amazing grandmother, Viola to cancer. We found over Easter the outcome. Our schedules prevented us from not visiting her in Montana much. When she worsen, Dustin was able to immediately fly out to see her before she passed. Her passing has definitely made us stronger. We live each day with no regrets and a positive attitude. Gma Vi was such a fun-loving, card playing guru, avid coffee drinker, and always compassionate for her grandchildren. She is always with us, technically she is as I equipped most of the family members with “Flat Grandma”!

HPIM1714We will always love Gma Vi and hold her close to our hearts!

5. Before Dustin headed back to school, we took a quick trip to Rapid City. When we make travels out west, we have to stop and see our friends. This was our first long trip on a motorcycle together. It was definitely a change from riding in a vehicle with four-wheels to my butt cheeks becoming numb. On a side note, the following weekend I passed my motorcycle test. The next trip we will be taking will be on separate bikes!




6. Recently, I have been spending a lot of time with my family as my dear Aunt Betty. She was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia in August after she completed the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk. Prior to this, she battled and beat breast cancer. This was a shock to everyone when she was diagnosed with AML. The end result, she would have to have a blood transplant. My dad was the perfect match for her. I spent two days with my mom and dad as he went through this process. Words can’t explain how inspiring it was to be there, watching my dad give life to his sister. It was so amazing to be in her room with my cousins and family friends. However, we found out that her body is not accepting my dad’s cells and the doctors found another leukemia blast. Talking with my mom, I told her “I don’t know why I’m taking this so hard. Probably with the fact that Aunt Betty always came to my brother and I’s stuff and my parents have been there for support since day one.” I’m so blessed to have Aunt Betty in my life to show me that no matter how hard it is, faith will always be there.

IMG_1252My dad after his blood transfusion.

1236305_10100153932920156_58894884_nDustin and I were able to visit Aunt Betty while we were home.

7. This year has been filled with many great moments. Next year, Dustin and I will definitely have more memories to create as we welcome our baby in April. We are very excited and happy to share this experience with our families. Our child will be blessed with great role models from their grandparents, aunts and uncle.

IMG_1253Baby K, healthy and growing!

As Christmas is approaching quickly and a new year is around the corner, I will never forget the moments I had this year. After typing this blog, I recall how therapeutic this is. I can reassure you that you’ll be seeing more post from me down the road…and I mean possibly in days and weeks not months!


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