Anyone else still recovering from the Christmas bloat? Dustin and I finished up our Christmas traveling over the weekend. When you have several family Christmas gatherings to attend, you know you are going to be in severe pain. Today marks the last day of the year and time to make new resolutions for the upcoming year. Raise your hand if you make yourself a list of resolutions and stick with them. Well, I think you are the only one! Great job, keep up the hard work.

I have always thrown around the idea of making a list of resolutions. Instead, I make a list of goals that I would like to accomplish. I think New Year resolutions are like a bucket list – things you want to succeed at for the year.

During a work conference this past fall, our keynote speaker spoke on emotional intelligence and he made reference to Ted Talks website. It is a great site for inspirational information. They made a list of New Year resolutions which fit well with mine for the upcoming year. Here is the run-down:

#10: Take breaks from your device. I totally agree!

#9: Make your stress work for you and not against you. Don’t sweat the small stuff, right dad?!?!

#8: Read books that challenge your perspective and beliefs. I have already started!

#7: See your fears as an act of imagination. Create a story.

#6: Allow yourself to meet your goals. Don’t rush, take time.

#5: Ask for what you want. Trust in what you ask for.

#4: Practice gratefulness daily. I find this endless because I have so much to be grateful for!

#3: Walk more, sit less. There is nothing wrong with a little exercise!

#2: Take charge of your love life. “True love will find you when you least expect it.” I love my hubby each and every day!


#1: Make time to make art. Do something for yourself!

Each of these resolutions on Ted Talks has a small video and they are absolutely amazing. These are the resolutions that I’m going to work on for the upcoming year.

However, we can not forget the past year we have had. The goals you conquered, the fears you faced, and the happiness you shared only makes you a better person for the new year! Happy New Year everybody!


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