Wardrobe Issues…

I have slowly gone to social media to announce our pregnancy and I find blogging about my pregnancy therapeutic. Yesterday I got an email reminder that I have 14 weeks to go. My weekly updates tells me how my baby is developing and what I should be expecting. Throughout this pregnancy, I have been feeling well. I can’t tell you what morning sickness is. I can tell you how fatigue is. I can’t tell you what food cravings are. I can tell you what the sheer panic is when you clothes don’t fit.

It is expected when you are expecting, your belly is going to grow. Now those of you who have children or are pregnant, can relate to me…for those who have no idea, you’ll just find the humor. (Disclaimer: What you are about to read, I hope will not steer you away from possibly having your own little bundle of joy!)

Recently, I have been so frustrated when it comes to shopping. That’s a serious problem because women love to shop. It’s our in our nature to shop. For me, trying to find maternity clothes has been a daunting task. The advice that I received the most is not to buy much but what do you when you jeans do not button. So of course, I took to Facebook to get some suggestions from my fellow friends. I was slightly overwhelmed with all the guidance!


“Try the hair binder trick. Loop a binder around the button, stick through button hole and connect back to button. As long as you wear a shirt long enough, you’ll be good.”


“Some jeans have an adjustable waistband, so the waist gets bigger as you get bigger, and then you can make it smaller after the baby. I loved those.”

“pregnant lady problems”

“Put on a dress and some leggings…welcome to the rest of your pregnancy! Lol. Motherhood maternity (has their own store and is carried at Macy’s) is a brand I got a lot of my maternity clothes from. I liked their jeans! The B band is at target and will work for a while but you will probably need some actual maternity pants. I needed larger sizes too and ordered most online from Motherhood maternity. Don’t be miserable and don’t wait too long….mistake I made. You want to be comfortable!

“Aww the baby bump!!!”

In the meantime, thanks to my mom, she found a solution. Bella bands! My first thoughts were how do these work? I have to keep my pants unzipped? These feel awkward! I think I have transitioned though, getting accustomed to them. It does feel great to wear your own pants, just a little different with them unbuttoned and unzipped.

The dilemma…


The Solution…





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