Throwback Thursday…

I have several friends on social media sites that dedicate their Thursday to “Throwback Thursday”. I haven’t been quite the one to figure out this phenomenon because usually when Thursday comes, I’m looking forward to the weekend.

The meaning of Throwback Thursdays is when one puts a picture on social media sites from a “while” ago. I have seen post from childhood to college memories. Today, I’m dedicating this post to Throwback Thursday. I went back in time to my Facebook account to find some interesting photos from years ago. After gathering a few photos, I thought to myself, how can one person have more than 25 Facebook photo albums. Have you ever gone back and looked through those photos? When I was scanning, you realized the relationships that flourished and those that flew away. It’s really crazy to travel back in time through photos.

Throwback #1

136_512951844396_2103_nLoved going to SDSU Football games with friends!

Throwback #2

159_513388644046_8132_nMy dad always finds a way to be funny!

Throwback #3

1935_535709956956_6642_nThe time when my sister-in-laws tested out how big a Ford Focus trunk is.

Throwback #4

349_531918040986_8626_nI could always count on a good time with great friends at SDSU!


Throwback #5…and my favorite

170_513292157406_5492_nWords can’t describe their friendship!

It’s fun to look through photos and recall specific memories that you had with family and friends. After recalling these fun moments, I better recall my photo of the days! So, what’s your Throwback Thursday moment?


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