Introducing Liam James…

Man, oh man, where has the time gone. My maternity leave is almost complete and I’m finally taking time to introducing you our precious little boy, Liam James.

Liam has born on April 2 at 9:26 pm. The day was a blur. I was at work but after lunch I was experiencing abdominal pains. It really felt like I was having a heart attack. I had my blood pressure taken and it was a little high than normal (130/90). My dear who was the community health nurse told me to come back in a couple hours to have it re-checked. After those hours passed, it became alarming (150/110). She told me that I needed to get to the hospital. I called a friend, who happened to be a 4-H Leader in my county, and we road tripped to the hospital. Oh yes, you ask where Dustin is. He was making his way up from Mitchell.

Well to make the story short…with all the test I was pretty stabilized. My numbers were not decreasing and for the sake of our (baby & myself) health, we had a c-section.


He has been an absolute joy to have. He’s definitely not short on any loving. As I write this, he is on his first big trip. We are traveling to Montana to visit family relatives. Over the next couple days I will be posting about his big travels.




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