Surviving Separation…

Time flies when you are having fun, and we most certainly been having a blast with our growing 2-month old boy. Liam seems to change before our eyes every day. Lately, we have noticed his dark hairs is lightening up and his eyes are becoming a lighter blue. He is still the perfect baby. I can be bias like that, because I’m his mommy.

Our lives have completed changed and now started somewhat of a routine. I have been back to work for the last two weeks. It has definitely taken time to get caught up and what projects need to be completed. Thankfully, when I returned back to work, I was greeted by my amazing summer assistant who had been controlling the office for a couple weeks.

Also, on my first day back, I reminisced with my coworkers and the famous question of the day was, “How are you doing?” Translation, how was I coping not having Liam or how did it go leaving him at day care. I simply smiled because I didn’t leave him at day care, he was spending the week with his daddy and most of the time, they were in town spending time in my office. Off topic note: we were busy purchasing a home.

Since we did not start daycare the first week back to work (Dustin started too.), we had to figure something out. Thank goodness, family is a mere hour away and he went to Grandma & Grandpa Raap’s place for the night. Yes, you heard me correctly, night. And, up to Fargo to see Auntie Sara. This was Liam’s first overnight without us, and it ended up being two nights. The first night, Dustin and I looked at each other and said, “we miss him!” I was very overjoyed to see him when he returned.

Then, he started daycare. I’m proud to I was not one of those mothers. However, I did find myself rambling on and on, stalling the fact that I was leaving him, but I did not cry. It was a joyous ending to the day to pick him up. I finally realized he is in good company at daycare when I had to pick him up early. The kids absolutely adore him. They were coming up to him and tickling him under the chin, shaking his hands and touching his feet.

The kids love him so much that even this week, when I ran into another mother when going to daycare her daughter said, “I think Baby Liam is going to be at daycare today.” They look forward to him being there. Now, it’s a little easier to leave him at day care.

I think the only way I got through these tough situations is by telling myself, he’s in good hands! And, that he is!

IMG_1641Our smiling baby!


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