Today is all about the number 5 today even thought it’s November 9th! The number five holds a large significance today in my life. It was five years ago when Dustin and I became a exclusive couple after couple weeks prior to meeting each other at South Dakota State University, and more specifically at a rodeo dance.

This photo was taken the week after we met.


These past five years have been wonderful and on top of that we got married in June which this month will signify our 5 month anniversary. I know it sounds cheesy! But, being together for 5 years and recently getting married, we are continuing to learn more about each other each and every day!


And 5 years later, we are happily married!


So happy 5 today! I’m excited for the many years ahead as we continue to grow together!

29 days later…

Uffda,time is getting away from me once again! It has been mad crazy around here lately. Truly the story of our lives is: in the car, out of the car! After getting married, we have been constantly traveling and I have now worked a full two weeks at work. It takes awhile to get back into the swing of things!

So this is what we have been us to:
June 25 – I became Mrs. Koepke! I’m still getting use to the name. At work, it varies often what last name will say.

June 26 – We started our Alaskan excursion. It was cool, beautiful, amazing, and relaxing! Can I go back?


July 9 – My best friend said ‘I do’! And, I was so honored to be part of her special day!

July 14 – I chopped 5 inches off!

July 17 – This is what our house looks like now. I call it “a home tornado!” We had gift opening and now we have to make room for our beautiful gifts! I just think we need a larger house.

And for Jet, I think he’s glad to be home for awhile too!

So I hope I caught you up on things! Since I haven’t been able to be home enough to do a load of laundry, I don’t have any new recipes. However, I have a new idea in the forecast. Come back at the end of the week for details!

Vacation Over…

To catch up on things, June 25 was the day I married my best friend and true love, Dustin! It’s been a long time coming since we were engaged for little over 2 years. The day was perfect–the weather was sunny and partly cloudy and many family and friends celebrated with us. After the wedding, we shipped out on an Alaskan cruise for a week. We finally have arrived back to Philip, SD last night.
A photo from our amazing photographer, Matt Addington
I will post photos soon probably after I get back from my dearest friend’s wedding. That’s right, I leave again tomorrow night to help her celebrate her wedding on Saturday! I can’t wait for her wedding! She has been one of my best friends since we were youngsters in 4-H!
Well with that, I hope you have a wonderful day!