Today is all about the number 5 today even thought it’s November 9th! The number five holds a large significance today in my life. It was five years ago when Dustin and I became a exclusive couple after couple weeks prior to meeting each other at South Dakota State University, and more specifically at a rodeo dance.

This photo was taken the week after we met.


These past five years have been wonderful and on top of that we got married in June which this month will signify our 5 month anniversary. I know it sounds cheesy! But, being together for 5 years and recently getting married, we are continuing to learn more about each other each and every day!


And 5 years later, we are happily married!


So happy 5 today! I’m excited for the many years ahead as we continue to grow together!

29 days later…

Uffda,time is getting away from me once again! It has been mad crazy around here lately. Truly the story of our lives is: in the car, out of the car! After getting married, we have been constantly traveling and I have now worked a full two weeks at work. It takes awhile to get back into the swing of things!

So this is what we have been us to:
June 25 – I became Mrs. Koepke! I’m still getting use to the name. At work, it varies often what last name will say.

June 26 – We started our Alaskan excursion. It was cool, beautiful, amazing, and relaxing! Can I go back?


July 9 – My best friend said ‘I do’! And, I was so honored to be part of her special day!

July 14 – I chopped 5 inches off!

July 17 – This is what our house looks like now. I call it “a home tornado!” We had gift opening and now we have to make room for our beautiful gifts! I just think we need a larger house.

And for Jet, I think he’s glad to be home for awhile too!

So I hope I caught you up on things! Since I haven’t been able to be home enough to do a load of laundry, I don’t have any new recipes. However, I have a new idea in the forecast. Come back at the end of the week for details!

Vacation Over…

To catch up on things, June 25 was the day I married my best friend and true love, Dustin! It’s been a long time coming since we were engaged for little over 2 years. The day was perfect–the weather was sunny and partly cloudy and many family and friends celebrated with us. After the wedding, we shipped out on an Alaskan cruise for a week. We finally have arrived back to Philip, SD last night.
A photo from our amazing photographer, Matt Addington
I will post photos soon probably after I get back from my dearest friend’s wedding. That’s right, I leave again tomorrow night to help her celebrate her wedding on Saturday! I can’t wait for her wedding! She has been one of my best friends since we were youngsters in 4-H!
Well with that, I hope you have a wonderful day!


Oh man, I can’t believe where the days have gone! Time is catching up with us here in Philip. In a mere two weeks, I will be a married woman. A time that I have been waiting for a long time, well since the past two years!
We have been so busy with traveling, cleaning, getting last minute details figured out. All I can say is Uffda! This past year has been so memorable with our families and friends. I know I have touched on our bridal shower before but now after going through the many wonderful gifts receive and swapping old items for new, my heart sinks with happiness all over again. With the many gifts I received, let’s just say these ladies know me very well. I call it “Must Haves for a Future Bride’s Kitchen” and here a just a few of my favorites!
1. Pioneer Women’s Cookbook. The famous Ree Drummond lived the city life for quite sometime and while home visiting she fell in love with a cowboy. Her website offers readers what is going on the ranch, new recipes, photography lessons, and much more! She published a cookbook with her favorite recipes! For a cooking lover like me, I’m thrilled to try each recipe. I just might have a challenge! The next book on my list from her is about her basset hound Charlie!

2. Lefse board and rolling pin. Ever since I was born, my grandma and grandpa would make numerous packages of lefse! So, it’s only appropriate to follow in their Norwegian roots and start making some of our own, down the road. We love making pastries right now and the item is versatile for make pie crust, breads, and more!

3. More cookbooks. A woman can never have too many cookbooks! I remember my mom having a large cabinet drawer in the kitchen filled with cookbooks. Many are passed down by generations and some are built around family traditions. These fun cookbooks that I received will be put to go use!

This past weekend, we were away from home to celebrate our last time as single people. Dustin when to went to Kansas City for the races and came back a red cherry tomato. On the other hand, my girlfriends threw a party for me in Willmar and we went to a winery! While we were away, Jet stayed in Philip with his “girlfriend” Bella, the neighbor’s dog. Here are a few pose from him before we left:
Also, before we left we watered our plants very good and we have produce! That’s right, you heard me correctly!

Well I better get back to my to-do list! I just wanted to stop by and say that I’m still alive! I hope to blog a few times before our wedding!

Time is evil…

It’s been two weeks since I last blogged and I know my Grandma checks this everyday, but time is evil! At this rate, we have two months left for wedding planning and daily work just keeps piling up. Honestly, I still have clothes sitting in the laundry basket that has yet been nicely put away for about two weeks. So we have a lot to catch up on!

Before I start with my two week recap, I just want to give you an insight on my day. There is 24 hours in a day and here is a breakdown of what a day looks like for me.

10 hours of restless sleep
1 hour to get ready for work
8 hours of work
1 hour to walk Jet, sometimes 2 because he’s a social butterfly
4 hours to spend with Dustin, conquer wedding plans, try to blog or clean the house
Total: 24 hours of exhaustion

Well, I better not waste one more minutes thinking about exhaustion, and start sharing about my recent happenings! The last time I posted I was getting ready to head home for a weekend of fun. I’m pleased to announce Jet loves traveling and Minnesota.

But, the main reason why we journeyed home was because there was a bridal shower for me. I was completely shocked by the love people gave me. I was just beside myself for how many people showed up. It was truly humbling since I haven’t seen some people who came for a couple years!

My wonderful hostess!

My amazing mother!

My lovely sister-in-law, how’s practically a sister to me!

The women of my family! My mom, sister-in-law, grandma and I!

Also, we checked one large thing off our wedding list. We got all the invitations assembled in a mere 4 hours with a powerhouse of a crew. It was so much fun, well some what but my dear friend Rachael came and helped even though she has her own invitation to assemble for her wedding on July 9th! Have I mentioned that I’m stoked for this summer? Well I am!

Since being home in SD, I have been my busy usual self. I think when we got home, Jet was in a state of shock because he now has to listen where as he was outside most of the time in MN. He is still in his chewing on things stage but has quickly learned a few things such as ‘kennel’ and ‘no’, which is used a lot in the house! He has a new chewing object this week. Remember those cloth chore gloves, yep, you guessed it!

(Note: Sorry for the blur – camera can’t capture Jet’s lighting bolt moves all the time!)

Also, I have been able to bake one thing since being home. Most of our nights are spent eating boxed dinners, but healthy ones. I made a breakfast casserole and it was really good that I’m currently gorging on leftovers!
Scramble Egg Casserole
Cheese Sauce:
2 tbsp. butter
2 1/2 tbps. flour
2 cups milk
1 cup Velveeta cheese-shredded
1/2 tsp. salt
1/8 tsp. pepper
2 cups cubed ham
2 tbsp. melted butter
1 dozen eggs, beaten
4 oz. slice mushrooms
1/4 cup melted butter
2 1/4 cups soft bread crumbs

To make cheese sauce, melt butter, blend in flour and cook for one minute. Gradually stir in milk; cook until thick. Add salt, pepper, and cheese; stir until cheese melts. Set aside.
Saute ham in 3 tbsp. butter. Add eggs and cook over medium heat until eggs are set; stir in mushrooms and the cheese sauce. Spoon eggs into greased 9×13 baking dish.
Combine topping ingredients; spread evenly over egg mixture. Cover; chill overnight.
Uncover, bake at 350º for 30 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! It will be a nice thing to have for a Sunday brunch! Well I better move onto other things on my list. Remember time is evil! This weekend is Easter! I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time, I sure hope Mother Nature brings sunshine into your life!

Checkin’ My List…

Happy Hump Day everyone! We are one more day closer to the weekend and we one day closer to packing up the car and heading east to my native state, Minnesota! I’m very excited about this weekend in particular because my aunts and my mom’s wonderful herd of girlfriends are throwing a bridal shower for me, AND I get to see all my family and friends. That’s even including my soon to be family members!

Now on the eve before we leave, it’s usually a mad house. I’m doing laundry, cleaning the house and car, and packing all our belongings at the last minute. Usually I make a list of what needs to be done all the way down to how many undergarments we need to pack. Yes, I’m like that because we don’t need any necessary trips to Walmart!

However this trip is going to be the most interesting because we have our beloved dog, Jet. He is going to experience his first long, enduring trip to Minnesota. I’m just hoping for the best–that he’s going to sleep the whole time!

So here’s my wonderful to-do list for tonight:
1. Sit and relax for 1 minute after work.
2. Sort out the clothes I would like to wear.
3. Eat the left overs.
4. Make a few phone calls.
5. Pack my 7 outfits and pairs of shoes. I’m just kidding. Dustin thinks I pack way too much clothes and shoes for the 3 days that we visit.
6. Give Jet a bath, clean out his ears, and pack his belongings. What a high maintenance dog!
7. Go to sleep, maybe!

Well I better get going! Time is wasting away! And for grandma and grandpa, I know you check everyday, we can’t wait to see you! Lunch on Friday? I shall be back after the weekend! Enjoy the sun and beautiful weather that Mother Nature has blessed us with these couple days! Next thing on my mind, gardening!