Fantasy Cupcake Business…

At the end of May, Dustin and I were asked to bake cupcake for a high school graduation party. I think the reason why we were asked was when I brought homemade S’more Cupcakes for my birthday to work. You would think with Dustin being a culinary student, he would enjoy baking succulent cupcakes. That is definitely not the case.

I am the one that loves baking. I will let Dustin cook delicious meals and we can feast on sweets made by me afterwards. I feel that’s a win-win situation. For several years, I daydream of potentially open my open bakery. I love the shows Georgetown Cupcakes or the recent America’s Baking Challenge.

With being asked to bake 13 dozen cupcakes for this graduation, it only got done with the help with Dustin and let’s just say that he won’t be baking that many anytime soon. I had several obligations but with his consensuses, he made it.

Our two type of cupcakes:

  1. Vanilla cupcakes filled with strawberries; topped with cream cheese frosting, garnished with a strawberry slice.
  2. Banana cupcakes; topped with a peanut butter buttercreme.

I have to admit, they were very delicious. I’m trying not to be bias in any way. When I gave them their bill, they were happy to see that there were no charges for marriage counseling.




Friendships Through Camp…

This past week, I hauled three of seven boys to 4-H Camp. On the way down, we talked about their favorite video games, movies, and summer plans. The minute we arrived at the campground the excitement got more exuberant as they were anticipating what it will be like.

Every year, youth get excited during this time of the year. This may be some members first camp experience or they have been seasoned campers.

This year’s theme was 4-H To The Rescue. The theme was based around survival. Groups were called First Responders, EMTs, Sheriff, and so on to give it that theme feel. Throughout the three-days, youth were able to participate in different sessions like Geocaching, Water Rockets, NASA, Robotics, and much more.

Besides all the fun activities, time in the lake, or singing camp songs, youth are able to build friendships that will make them want to go back next year. These friendships and experiences that were made this past weekend will last a lifetime!




Sewing for Beginners…

What is a tradition that mothers and daughters can be seen to do together and involves a sewing machine? Answer is quilting if you didn’t get. Maybe my question was too hard. Who knows!

Recently I have been taking up sewing and have created a few pieces. I really don’t have much experience in the sewing department though. It consists of:

  1. When I was in 4-H, my mom and I thought it would be a grand idea to construct a piece of clothing for Fashion Revue. I decided to create a skort in lovely maroon/sunflower print which to remind you, my mom did not have a clue on sewing garments but it was worth a try. The best part was grandma made me a matching top hat with a giant sunflower in the middle!
  2. My mom just started learning how to sew and my last year of 4-H was the perfect opportunity to sew a quilt. Within a week, I exhibited a western-looking quilt and received Grand Champion in my division. Things I learned: quilting is not that bad and quilt shops give me anxiety.


Much recently, my mom has been actively sewing and attends quilting retreats. I have joined the itch as well. Here are my projects:


My first sewing project, a table runner for my mother-in-law for Christmas. My mom didn’t me to start on a quilt right away. What a thinker!  IMG_0521

Second was a Rag-Time quilt for Dustin for a Valentine’s Day gift. He really enjoys it!


Third quilt was a pattern my mom suggested. It’s not quite completed, just need to sew the borders on.


Finally, I’m a scarf fanatic and they can get pricey. So I thought if I learned to sew infinity scarfs, I would be saving some money. This scarf costs $6.00.

I don’t know what it is about sewing but it is fun and relaxing! I am ready for my next project…possibly the local mystery quilt competition.

4-H Teaches Science…

It has been three months since I started my ‘dream’ job with the local 4-H program. It sure has been a challenge, but I would like to know a new job that doesn’t have any challenges. The greatest part of this job is working with the youth and adults. And man, do kids sure have quite the imagination.

One thing that I enjoy about 4-H is that it teaches youth leadership skills and how to positively impact their communities. There are many aspects to the 4-H program from science to citizenship and healthy living.

The program that I enjoy the most is science. According the National 4-H Organization, the 4-H Science programs reach more than 5 million youth with hands-on learning experiences to ensure global competitiveness and prepare the next generation of science, engineering, and technology leaders.

It’s truly amazing what kids will come up with when you give them a few, simple supplies and instruction to build something scientific. In January, our local 4-H program held a LEGO competition. It allowed area youth to bring their LEGOs and build something amazing.







I learned something from a youth during his Public Presentation that the LEGO bricks developed in the 1960s can connect with those created today. Also fascinating, when I was younger we use our imagination to build something cool; however, they now came out with kits with millions of piece to create the Star Wars Millennium Falcon or a city garbage truck.

When I first started my job, I came across a kit called the LEGO Mindstorms. I opened up the container and soon became very fascinated. However, with all the different facets of my position, I haven’t had time to create a programmable robot. And the nice thing, I have youth in 4-H and adults that would love to get a Robotics team together. I feel my inner child coming out!

Meet My Flat Hubby…

Most all know that my husband and I are living apart as he attends Culinary School and I am working. Once May rolls around, he has one more year left. But to chase our time apart, I have came up with something clever, which some people have probably met him.

Meet my flat hubby…Dustin and his adventures thus far!


He is very mobile, usually found taking a nap in my purse, and laid back-doesn’t say too much.


This is our great family photo! Jet really enjoys when he comes and visits.


We were able to finally make it to Bristol and he wanted a photo opp with his dear mom!


We even went to basketball game and found his sister, Em!


A couple weeks ago, we were able to make it home to Minnesota and had lunch with Jay and Ashley. Jay really missed him!


Just recently, we went to watch Em’s show choir performance before they headed to their first competition in Aberdeen. They placed first at their first competition!


With the great performer at the end of the night!


Last weekend, our local 4-H program hosted a family fun day of B-I-N-G-O! And unfortunately, Dustin didn’t do so well!


And my folks even came out to surprise us and Dustin enjoyed a refreshing bowl of SDSU Chocolate ice cream with them!

Stay tuned for some more adventures with Flat Dustin!

Blizzard Mayhem…

It’s a given living in the upper Northern Plains, we are expected to get many inches of snow. We are known to enjoy the snow but after a couple weeks of the white scattered around yards, people start to grumble about how they wish it was Spring. Well after this weekend, it will be here for several weeks regardless what Punxsutawney Phil saw.

This past week we saw how the Northeast corner of the United States got slammed with snow. This past weekend the Northeast corner of South Dakota got dumped on. Many areas saw between 6 to 16 inches of snow. I guess Mother Nature wanted us to put our snow blowers to use since they collected dust last year.




Our neighbor’s home.


Our buried cars!


And, thank goodness for snow blowers!  Amen!