January 2014

January 1

IMG_1341[1]First home cooked meal of the New Year. Brown sugar & paprika chicken with a glazed brussel sprout salad.

January 2

IMG_1342[1]It’s a little chilly outside!

January 3

IMG_1348Freshly painted toes, hoping for warmer weather!

January 4


Breakfast time! Homemade scones!

January 5

IMG_1347Movie time!

January 6

IMG_1350Braving the arctic blast!

January 7

IMG_1354Robotics Club! Youth expanding their engineering knowledge.

January 8

IMG_1346Baby goodies when you purchase maternity clothes!

January 9

IMG_1356Headed back to the gym today and took Baby K swimming!

January 10

glucose-drinkMy first experience doing a glucola test and unfortunately not my last!

January 11

IMG_1364My husbands culinary creation at school, a Strawberry Chiffon Pie with Cream Anglaise! Yum!

January 12

IMG_1365Saturday night bowling with friends!

January 13

IMG_1363Educational skill-a-thon boards for Farm & Home Show.

January 14

IMG_1371[1]Second glucola test…not a fan!

January 15

IMG_1372Blizzard storm cloud coming in.

January 16

DSCN2076Throwback Thursday moment…at the Mall of America.

January 17

1524746_10151824005272026_1324812174_nGrant County Farm & Home Show!

January 18

1493502_517764128346816_423576902_oLEGO contest at the Farm & Home Show.

January 19

IMG_1379[1]A night out on the town with friends!

January 20

IMG_1383[1]Grant County 4-H Shooting Sports!

January 21

IMG_1402Yummy…chocolate bread pudding s’more with caramel sauce and fried basil garnish.

January 22

IMG_1401Delicious…cranberry walnut crostata with praline ice cream!

January 23

IMG_1385[1]When coworkers snapchat!

January 24

IMG_1400Another culinary husband creation…vanilla genoise with almond cream filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting.

January 25 – sick day

January 26 – sick day

January 27

IMG_1388[1]Beautiful morning drive home.

January 28

1-27-14 Sara_Consumer Decision Making Contest4-H Club meeting..explaining Consumer Decision Making.

January 29 – sick day

January 30 – sick day

January 31

IMG_1390No notice! Draining pipes which happen to be in my office.I’m not cleaning up that mess!


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