Merry Christmas…

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus! A child that was born in the manager and later died for us. Christmas can be a time for healing and renewed strength. A time families can join together and be in each others company. The one thing about any holiday is the family traditions.

When I was a growing child, my family and I would attend the annual Christmas Eve service. There was something so special about attending. I don’t know if it was the adorable Christmas outfit I wore that my mom picked out, the decorated church, the special music played by congregational members, or the candlelight service. Whatever it was, I was not going to miss that Christmas Eve service.

Now times have changed. I’m married. I live in a different state. And, I have another family to think about. Last night, I attended my in-laws church for their annual service. It was just like what I grew up with.

While I sat in church I sang many of my favorite Christmas songs, absorbed God’s word, and said my prayers. This year has been a year of cheer and sorrow. Today, I’m going to take time to say a few blessings that has paved a new road for my husband and I.

1. I’m blessed to have a caring and loving families, along with a phenomenal husband.
2. I’m blessed to have a guardian angel (Grandma Ann, Grandpa Alexius, Grandma Viola, Uncle John, and Uncle Kevin) watching over me.
3. I’m blessed to have a great role model like Aunt Betty to show us never to give up. You are a warrior!
4. I’m blessed to have great friendships especially one with Jason Nordmann who is away from his family this year while serving overseas to continue to fight for freedom. Thank you for all you do!
5. I’m blessed for great health and love.

So set aside any difference that you may have, gather with your families and be blessed for one another’s company. There is a Christmas spirit but you may just have to take some time and believe!

Merry Christmas to your family from ours!


Christmas Favorite #7

I set here in Bristol, SD-small town USA-staring outside the window at the balmy winter weather. On this Christmas Eve, we are starting our first Christmas celebration. And boy, has it started out with a bang…majority of the family is either getting over the flu or receiving the repercussions of it.

In the midst of the holiday preparations, I have been blogging about my Christmas favorites. Today’s Christmas favorite definitely knows how to melt a heart…and I mean literally melt!

Yesterday, I got a few things moved into Grandma’s and while I was in there, Grandma was baking. She was giving me the run down of all things she had been making. Homemade caramels that melt in your mouth, Pray bars that melt your thoughts, and Special K bars that melt in your belly.

Also added to this list is Grandma’s divine popcorn. For a person like me that enjoys popcorn, these hit a holiday sweet spot. Grandma was itching to get these popcorn balls made so I thought I would jump right in.

We followed a recipe that she has used for a long time.


I was in charge of making the syrup mixture while she popped the popcorn. I was fascinated when I read the recipe. At the bottom, the instructions state cook until a few drops in cold water form a hard ball. Her mom use to do this because candy thermometers must of not been invented yet.


Then with the works of my Grandma’s hand and my talented pouring skills, we combined the mixture!


And she formed the mixture into these beautiful, tasty popcorn balls!


Christmas Favorite #6

This Christmas favorite takes a lot of patience…well for me it does, and I don’t mind it one bit!

I absolutely love wrapping presents.

I have always thought, is there a present wrapping profession? If so, sign me up! I have also wondered, do those mall gift wrappers have to try out?

Gift wrapping takes time, well my mother-in-law thinks I take way too much time. It’s all about picking out the right wrapping paper, the precise folding, the right label and accessories!





Every year I’ll look forward to wrapping presents, now only if I look forward to shopping part of it. That’s what I get for being so indecisive!

Christmas Favorite #5…

Christmas is fast approaching with only 8 days left! Jeepers, I better get my Christmas shopping completed. I’m okay with being a procrastinator.

There are so many symbols that represent the Christmas season – mistletoe, reindeer, Santa Claus, cards, light, cookies, The Three Wise Men, and the Christmas tree.


The warm feelings of driving through the neighborhood, goggling over the lights and the lighted trees preached in family homes. There is such a variety of the trees.

Real or Artificial.

Pine or Fir.

Green or White.

Short or Tall.

Skinny or Fat.

The list could go on.

I love Christmas trees. White lights, colored lights, it doesn’t matter. Tinsel or beads, very traditional. Flowers or bows, still beautiful. Handmade or purchase ornaments, sentimental.



The best part of any Christmas tree are the beautifully decorated wrapped gifts that lay underneath the tree. Yes, I do have admit that being in my mid-20s I still browse under the tree to see if there are gifts for me. I have refrained from shaking the gifts years ago!